2021 Transplant (Seedling) Price List

Evergreens (Cedar, Spruce & Pine)
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Transplant VarietySizeAge1-1920-4950+100+
Black Hills Spruce 6000906 10-16"2-2$3.50$3.10$2.75$2.55
Norway Spruce 600090910-16"2-1$3.50$3.10$2.75$2.55
White Cedar 60151136-12"2-1$3.50$3.10$2.75$2.55
White Pine 60009058-14" 2-1$2.25$1.95$1.75 N/A
Red Pine 60009138-14"2-1$2.25$1.95$1.75 N/A

APPLES 5 to 7 Gallon $54-$75; 15 Gallon $113
For best fruit set, plant at least 2 different varieties for cross-pollination

BRAEBURN SEMI DWARF12-15'12-15'mid OctoberCrisp red apple; mildly sweet tart flavor
COLUMNAR MAYPOLE8-10'2-3'SeptemberCrimson red fruit;good for jellies;cross with other columnar apple
CORTLAND SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'early-mid OctDark red skin; crisp white flesh with sweet/tart flavor
EMPIRE SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'mid-late SeptRed blush over yellow skin;firm white flesh with sweet/tart flavor
FUJI SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'late OctPink over greenish yellow skin; crunchy yellow flesh w/sweet-tart flavor
GALA SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'early-mid SeptRed-orange skin; firm, crisp yellow flesh with sweet flavor
GOLDEN DELICIOUS SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'early-mid OctGolden yellow skin; firm, light flesh with sweet flavor
GRANNY SMITH SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'late Oct-NovShiny green skin; hard, crisp flesh with tart flavor
HARALSON SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'late Sept-OctRed striped fruit; crisp, juicy flesh with a sweet-tart flavor
HONEYCRISP SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'early-mid SeptYellow skin/red blush; crisp flesh with sweet and juicy flavor
JONAGOLD SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'mid-late SeptYellow skin striped with red; firm yellow flesh with sweet flavor
JONATHAN SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'mid-late SeptRed skin; crisp white yellow flesh with tart flavor
LIBERTY DWARF10-12'10-12'early-mid SeptRed striped over yellow-green skin; soft white flesh with tart flavor
MCINTOSH SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'mid-late SeptBright red skin; firm white flesh wth tangy flavor
NORTHERN SPY DWARF10-12'10-12'early-mid OctBright red skin; firm yellow flesh with tart flavor
POUND SWEET DWARF (A)10-12'10-12'late Oct-NovAmber to golden yellow skin; delightfully sweet flavor
RED DELICIOUS SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'mid-late SeptSolid red skin; crisp, light yellow flesh with sweet flavor
SPARTAN SEMI DWARF12-15'12-15'late Sept-OctDark red mahogany skin; firm white aromatic with tangy flavor
WINESAP STAYMAN DWARF10-12'10-12'mid-late OctSolid red skin; crisp, firm cream colored flesh with tart wine-like flavor
ZESTAR SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'mid-late AugRed over yellow-green skin; crisp juicy white flesh with sweet flavor

CHERRIES 5 to 7 Gallon $54-$75; 15 Gallon $113
Tart Cherries are considered to be self-fruitful. Sweet Cherries require two or more different varieties for cross-pollination. Tart Cherries will not pollinate a Sweet Cherry

BALATON12-15'12-15'late JuneTART Large red fruit; excellent pie cherry
BING SEMI-DWF12-15'10-12'early-mid JulySWEET Dark red skin; firm flesh with sweet flavor
BLACK YORK BING SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'early-mid JulySWEET Dark red skin; firm flesh with sweet flavor
DANUBE SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'mid-late JulyTART Dark red skin; semi-firm flesh with sweet/tart flavor
JUBILEUM SEMI-DWARF10-12'10-12'mid-late JulyTART Dark purple-red skin with firm flesh and sweet/tart flavor
LAPINS SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'mid-late JulySWEET Dark mahogany red skin; tender juicy flesh with sweet flavor
MONTMORENCY SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'mid-late JulyTART Bright red skin; tender yellow flesh with tart flavor
NORTH STAR SEMI-DWARF10-12'10-12'early-mid JulyTART Bright red skin; tender yellow flesh with tart flavor
RANIER SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'early-mid JulySWEET Golden yellow skin with red blush; yellow flesh with sweet flavor
REGINA SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'early-mid JulySWEET Large fruits with dark red skin;firm flesh with sweet flavor
RYNBRANDT SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'early-mid JulySWEET Dark purplish-black skin; tender juicy flesh with sweet flavor
WHITEGOLD SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'early-mid JulySWEET Light yellow skin with reddish blush; yellow flesh with sweet flavor

PEACHES 5 & 7 Gallon $54-$75;15 Gallon $113
Peaches are considered to be mostly self-fruitful. Better fruit will occur if 2 or more different Peach varieties are planted for cross-pollination.

BELLE OF GEORGIA10-12'12-15'early-mid-AugYellow skin with red blush;freestone,firm white flesh with sweet flavor
BLUSHING STAR DWARF10-12'10-12'mid Aug-SeptPurplish-red over cream-green skin; firm white flesh with sweet flavor; freestone
CONTENDER10-12'12-15'early-mid-AugYellow-green skin with slight blush;freestone, yellow flesh with good flavor
ELBERTA SEMI-DWARF10-12'10-12'late Aug-SeptGolden yellow skin with red blush; freestone with sweet yellow flesh
JULY ELBERTA DWARF10-12'12-15'Aug-early SeptLarge fruit with golden yellow skin with blush;freestone with sweet yellow flesh
LORING10-12'12-15'early-mid-AugJuicy, sweet and firm yellow flesh with scarlet blush, low acidity
REDHAVEN DWARF10-12'12-15''early-mid-AugYellow skin with red blush;freestone;firm sweet yellow flesh
RELIANCE DWARF10-12'12-15''early-mid-AugYellow to green skin with blush;freestone;yellow flesh with good flavor
SWEET CAP10-12'10-12'late Aug-SeptLarge flat "donut" fruit with rosey creamy skin;semi-cling; juicy, sweet white flesh
WHITE LADY10-12'10-12'early-mid-AugLarge white fruit with red blush, very sweet

PEARS 5 to 7 Gallon $54-$75; 15 Gallon $113
For fruit set, plant at least 2 different Pear varieties for cross pollination.

ANJOU SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'mid- late SeptLarge green fruit;sweet flavor;long keeper
ASIAN,20TH CENTURY SEMI-DWARF12-15'12-15'early-mid SeptRusset yellow skin; juicy white flesh with mild, sweet flavor; pollinate with Bartlett
HARDY GIANT Supreme Dwarf8-10'6-7'mid- late SeptLarge, round brown fruit;sweet juicy flavor;stores well
BARTLETT SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'early-mid SeptGolden yellow skin; buttery, juicy flesh with sweet flavor
BOSC SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'early-mid OctRusset brown skin; tender, juicy flesh with sweet flavor
COMICE DWARF12-15'10-12'late SeptLarge greenish yellow skin with blush;sweet flavor
KIEFFER DWARF10-12'8-10'early-mid SeptGreenish-yellow skin;robust,juicy flesh with sweet flavor
MOONGLOW SEMI-DWARF12-15'10-12'early-mid SeptYellow skin with red blush; soft, smooth flesh with mildly sweet flavor
RED BARTLETT12-15'10-12'early-mid SeptRed skin;crisp and tart then sweet as it ripens;canning and fresh eating

PLUMS 5 to 7 Gallon $54-$75; 15 Gallon $113
For fruit set, plant at least 2 different Japanese Plum varieties for cross-pollination. European (EUR) Plums are considered to be mostly self-fruitful.

BEAUTY10-12'10-12'early-mid Aug(JPN) Bright red skin with yellow flesh,sweet and flavorful
ELEPHANT HEART10-12'10-12'late Aug- Sept(JPN) Reddish-green skin;blood red flesh;rich sweet flavor
FRENCH PRUNE10-12'10-12'early-mid Aug(EUR) Small dark red fruit;excellent for jams and pies
ITALIAN PRUNE DWARF10-12'10-12'late Aug- Sept(EUR) Small dark red fruit;excellent for jams and pies;pollinate with Red Diamond
METHLEY10-12'10-12'early-mid Aug(JPN) Reddish purple skin;yellow flesh tinged red with sweet flavor
SANTA ROSA SEMI-DWARF10-12'10-12'mid-late Aug(JPN) Light red skin; firm amber flesh (red near skin) w/ tart/sweet flavor
STANLEY PRUNE SEMI-DWARF10-12'10-12'late Aug- Sept(EUR) Dark blue skin; semi-freestone, firm greenish-yellow flesh w/sweet flavor
TOKA PLUM10-12'10-12'mid August(JPN) medium apricot flavored fruit


CHESTNUT, DUNSTAN HYBRID30-40'30-40'late fallPale yellow flowers in June; rich, edible brown sweet-flavored nuts in fall
MULBERRY,ILLINOIS EVERBEARING30-40'25-30'late summerLong black,nearly seedless fruit with very good sweet flavor
PAWPAW15-2012-15late summerNative tree;fruit has a banana like flavor
PECAN PAWNEE30-40'30-40'mid-late OctHardy with sweet nuts;good for smaller spaces;requires pollinator
PERSIMMON,MEADER10-12'10-12'Sep - OctSweet orange ping-pong ball sized fruit; green leaves turn yellow-red in fall
WALNUT - BLACK SAUBER60-7035-40early OctGood flavor and production;fast growing;


BLACKBERRY,CHESTER THORNLESS4-5'4-5'late Aug-SeptLarge, firm black fruit with sweet flavor
BLACKBERRY,OUACHITA THORNL4-6'3-5'mid JulyLarge, firm fruit with sweet flavor
BLUEBERRY,BLUECROP5-6'5-6'late July-AugLarge, firm blue fruit with tart flavor; requires moist,acidic soil
BLUEBERRY,BLUEJAY5-6'4-5'late July-AugMedium blue fruit with mild flavor,requires acidic soil.
BLUEBERRY, JERSEY BLUE4-54-5'AugustMedium sized fruit with sweet flavor; tolerates most soil types
BLUEBERRY,NORTHLAND5-6'5-6'early-mid-AugMedium sized dark blue with good flavor; requires moist,acidic soil
ELDERBERRY RANCH5-6'5-6'late Aug-SeptHeavy bearing fruit,net bush 2 weeks prior to harvesting,pollinate with wyldewood
ELDERBERRY WYLDEWOOD5-6'5-6'late Aug-SeptHeavy bearing fruit,net bush 2 weeks prior to harvesting,pollinate with ranch
GRAPE,CATAWBAVinemid-late SeptSize depends on structure; medium red fruits with sweet flavor
GRAPE,CONCORD SEEDLESSVinemid-late SeptSize depends on structure; seedless blue-black fruits with sweet flavor
GRAPE,NIAGRA WHITEVinemid-late SeptSize depends on structure; seedless green-white tangy/sweet
GRAPE,RELIANCE SEEDLESSVinelate Aug-early SeptSize depends on structure; seedless red fruit with sweet flavor
RASPBERRY,BRISTOL BLACK4-6'4-5'mid-late JulyMedium, glossy black fruit with mild sweet flavor
RASPBERRY,BLACK JEWEL4-6'4'early JulyLarge, firm glossy deep colored fruit, sweet rich flavor
RASPBERRY, FALL GOLD4'3'Aug/JuneGold fruit on two crops;sweet flavor;good for fresh or preserves and pies
RASPBERRY,RED CAROLINE4-52-3July/SeptLarge red fruit with sweet flavor;produce twice per season
RASPBERRY, RED HERITAGE4-52-3July/SeptRed fruit with sweet flavor;produces twice per year

Availability can vary from April 1st - 12th, 2021 dependent on the weather

Transplant Variety refers to the type of the tree and Size is the approximate size of the transplant. Under the age column the first number refers to years as a seedling and the second number indicates the time the tree grew in a transplanted location. Example: 2-2 means 2 years as a seedling and 2 years as a transplant. The longer a tree is in a transplant bed, generally, the larger it is. If you are seeking a variety not listed we may be able to special order it for you.

Please note - we do not warranty bareroot trees or transplant/seedlings of trees.
Prices Effective for Spring 2021