General Tips on Growing Fruit Trees

All Fruit trees require full sun and well-drained soil. Cherry, Peach, and Plum will not survive in wet soils.

At planting time, use Espoma’s Bio-tone or MYKE’S to help promote strong root growth.

Varieties that require cross-pollination should be located within 50 feet of each other (side-by-side is best) to insure that bees may easily travel between the trees at bloom time.

Remove all fruit from young trees as it begins to form for the first few years after planting to allow the root system to become fully established. Allowing a tree to bear too soon may stress the tree and reduce future fruit production.

For top-quality fruit and healthy Apple, Cherry, Peach and Plum trees, spray with Bonide Complete Fruit Tree Spray during the growing season per label directions. Dormant Oil and Liquid Copper Fungicide may be sprayed as a preventive control for several insects and diseases in late winter or early spring, just before budbreak.

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